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How to clean up after Renovation? Post Renovation Checklist With junk hauling WA

Although your contractors clean after them, but still need of cleaning and manage all the waste debris after renovation is always there. Let’s say you are based in Washington then it is important to hire an appropriate junk hauling WA service. The same goes for any other city. Thus, you need to consider everything before starting the renovation.

The idea of renovation is both exciting and tiresome at the same time. Exciting, as in, you will have the new look for your place which of course, will increase the worth of your place. And it is tiresome because you have to see so many things and manage numerous things simultaneously. Among these numerous things, one of the major things is cleaning. However, you no longer have to worry about that.

In this guide, you will have the post-renovation checklist through which it will be easy for you to navigate the cleaning process after the renovation work is completed.

Get yourself ready

You must get ready a little bit before returning after the improvements are finished. Paint fumes, dust, and other toxic materials will be all around you. Wear a respirator mask to reduce your exposure and only work in well-ventilated spaces.

Create a checklist

You see writing things down in a particular chronological order is a great help to get a better idea of things that you need to do. The same is the case here. You can make a checklist to assess what you need to do first, then second, and then so on. If you are here reading this, you are in for a treat as you can simply follow our checklist or you can generate one of your own based on our idea.

  1. As for typical cleaning you need to make sure that you are going to clean the interior or exterior walls.
  2. Clean the fans and ceiling.
  3. Dust all the window frames, doors, and windowsills.
  4. Wipe all the windows and doors with a wet mop.
  5. Vacuum the carpets and mop the floor.
  6. Clean all the lights and light holders and fixtures.
  7. Gather the trash for proper disposal
  8. Be thorough with cleaning of driveway, walkway, or garage.
  9. Clean the gate, fence, and its surroundings in the best way possible.
  10. Dust or clean the exterior lights and their holders whatever, you feel necessary.
  11. Clean the shelves of the bathroom and kitchen because most of the time they are the ones that are affected by the dust the most.
  12. After that, clean the cabinet doors of the bathroom and kitchen cabinets.
  13. Rub and clean all the shelves.
  14. Clean the sink and faucets thoroughly.
  15. Clean appliances.
  16.  Toilet and mirrors clean.
  17. Last but most important give a round to your place and gather all the debris you can.

Now, after cleaning and accumulating the debris, you will have to deal with its disposal. However, you don’t have to stress about that as most junk removal companies provide their area-based services like Tacoma junk removal to deal with your waste in the most sustainable way possible.

Apart from this checklist, there are certain ways through which you can make sure that your place is perfectly clean after the renovation.


1.     Use a high-suction capacity vacuum cleaner

Especially for homes dusting and vacuuming comes before any other type of cleaning. If you are a person who is allergic to dust then both these activities are far more important for you than anything else. We suggest you start by accumulating dust and debris, then do the vacuum, and in the end be thorough with the dusting. This bottom-to-top approach will help you with the thorough cleaning of your place.

Do not forget to vacuum and dust the drapes, furniture, frames, below the frames, and other hidden spaces such as the shelves, cupboards, and closets. Sills, windows, and doors are provided.

Dust should be blown off all vents, ducts, grates, blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and even ornaments.

2.     Be thorough with the wiping of things

Take care to wipe down everything in your newly refurbished space after vacuuming. Try dry-dusting first on the walls, which can also contain dust, since it is the safest method of cleaning and a fantastic choice if your walls have just been painted. However, a plain, moist towel will also work, so you can also rely on it. However, use caution and always check the sort of paint you have on your walls to see whether it will have an impact.

If you have moldings, you should take care of them when this is finished because dust particles like to attach themselves there as well. Kitchen cupboards, shelves, and other furniture like chairs, tables, and other hard surfaces should all be cleaned. After all of this thorough cleaning, you should concentrate on disinfecting and mopping the floors from wall to wall.

3.     Replacement and Installation

Replace any soiled filters or broken components that can’t be repaired. This is crucial since some of these goods can be past their prime or incapable of performing at their best.

Anything that has been taken apart or disassembled should be put back together. Do take care to take precautions when installing so that the area does not become dusty or dirty again during the installation process. As for the waste that generates during this process you can trust junk-hauling WA with that.

4.     Power washing

After completing all the interior cleaning, now is the time to clean the exterior of your place. Power washing could be an excellent way to clean your place. It will clear all the debris either big or small with ease.


Cleaning after renovation can be messy. Especially the amount of waste you have to tackle can be overwhelming. But don’t worry we junk haul brings its services like Junk Removal in Lakewood or in other areas under which you can have professional services to deal with your junk. Moreover, by following this checklist you will be able to have a sparkly cleaned house in no time.

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