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Tips for Getting Organized and Decluttered house for the Holidays

Holidays are a fantastic time when you see your loved ones once a year. However, as exciting as the prospect of the holidays is you can imagine the amount of work you need to do to make your holidays special for you and your loved ones.
We know how busy you could be to meet the deadlines at your work before the holidays start. Or how hectic would be at home to prepare it for the guests. That’s why we suggest you start a little early to make sure that you won’t end up stressing over things at the last minute.
You can hire professional services like the services from Seattle Junk Removal we haul or from any other junk removal services providers to make your work easy.
We come up with a guide that will help you in organizing and decluttering your place before the holidays to make sure that you don’t have to deal with things at the last minute.

Early start

We know there is still a month before the holidays, but it would be better if you start now. In fact, the ideal time to start organizing and decluttering your place is October even before Halloween. Yes, you read it right. You may think that your house doesn’t need much cleaning and organizing but when you start you may be astounded that how much clutter a house can hold.

We suggest you assess the things at your place and start with the Junk Remove mission as early as possible. If you think that we are kidding then believe us we are dead serious. You need to adopt the basic Seattle Trash Removal policy of recycling, donating, and wasting to get rid of the unnecessary things in your house.


The act of cleaning itself is one of the last phases in the cleaning process before the holidays. Walls, closets, and busy spaces like the mudroom, laundry room, and garage should all receive extra care. Our expert suggests giving your fall cleaning a little extra effort and sweat. Each area should be entered from the top and down to the floor. Clean the ceiling fan and light in each room, wipe down all the surfaces, vacuum the carpets, and wash the floors.

The conclusion is you have to clean the place that you usually skip over while cleaning in general. After you are done cleaning, you can use a room freshener having the fall scent of something sweet and floral to give a fresh vibe to your place.

Organize your place to create more space

Decluttering and giving are both best done around the holidays. When the holiday season is over, you’ll need to find homes for a ton of new items. So clear away the items you no longer require now to create room. Let’s say you have an old sofa in your living space that you can remove. So do it before the holidays, and you would be astounded after seeing how much space that simple act would create for the new gifts.

So instead of waiting any longer, pack your car, rent a dumpster, or hire Junk Hauling services to deal with the unnecessary stuff as soon as possible.

Involve your family in the cleaning process

If you have kids, organizing your house for the holidays is a great chance to enlist their assistance. Even Elf on the Shelf can help you get things done. Ask your children to assist in the cleaning and clearing process by having the elf leave notes. It’s a fun and original method to acquire more help and teach responsibility.

Decluttering your guest rooms

Throughout the year, guest bedrooms can accumulate clutter, making it seem difficult to clear for the holidays. Removing everything from the rooms where your visitors will be staying will allow you to go through. What you wish to keep and what can be donated.

Make Room for Holiday Cards

This is the time of year when you should send and receive handmade cards as well as pictures of your family. Make a special place for your cards if your list of recipients includes a large number of people. A table where you may arrange your cards, envelopes, family pictures, and stamps is the best option. Whether it’s a digital or physical address book, this is also an excellent opportunity to update it.

Redecorate and reorganize

Now that your home is tidy and devoid of everything you don’t need, focus on arranging the things you have preserved. Paying attention to parts of your home that are often use. Such as your chat nook or your vintage painted secretary desk where you complete schoolwork. All excellent locations to start organizing.

We hope these tips work for you but in case. You need assistance with the removal of Seattle Junk Removal from your place you can reach us anytime.

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